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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At All Pro Dental, we know that extracting your wisdom teeth can be a scary thought for many of our patients. We find that the best way to prepare our patients for this procedure and minimize their nerves is to carefully explain the procedure from all angles to ensure our patients know the reason and process of extracting their wisdom teeth.

All Pro Dental Provides Wisdom Tooth Extraction For Specific Cases

At All Pro Dental we provide wisdom tooth extraction services on a case-by-case basis. Our team can remove wisdom teeth that are not fully or partially impacted. Not everyone has wisdom teeth, some people are born without any of them or are born with not all four teeth. Some people can even have their wisdom teeth grow in and not need them removed. But for many people, wisdom teeth cause issues with crowding that can cause many different issues for oral health. In those cases, wisdom teeth are recommended to be removed. In cases where wisdom teeth are fully or partially impacted, you will need to have them surgically removed. But if they are not impacted they can be removed in the same way other teeth are removed by dentists.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Come Out?

We get this question from many patients and it is an important question to ask! Your wisdom teeth, or your third molars, are the last teeth to come in and they typically do so long after the rest of your molars and teeth have come and locked their roots in your gums. Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted because there is simply not enough room for them in your mouth. If left untreated, your wisdom teeth can disrupt your smile, cause permanent damage to the rest of your teeth, and cause you pain.

What is the Process of Extracting Wisdom Teeth?

You will likely be put under anesthesia for this procedure to ensure your comfort throughout the process, therefore you will not feel anything while your dentist or oral surgeon is working on your mouth. Your dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue closest to the tooth in question, remove the bone to gain direct access to the tooth’s root, then remove the tooth from your mouth. Your dentist will then clean the wound and stitch up the area to prevent infection. Overall, the procedure is relatively quick and routine!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Revere, MA

If you live in or around Revere, Chelsea, Everett, Winthrop or Malden, MA, All Pro Dental is just down the road and ready to help with your wisdom teeth! Click here to schedule an appointment or contact us today for further questions! 

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