What Causes Adult Teeth To Fall Out?

For kids, tooth loss is something to expect and even be excited about. Whether a child is waiting for a visit from a tooth fairy or they are just enjoying that losing their teeth means that they are becoming a big kid, many children look forward to a loose tooth. As adults, that feeling might not be the same. Unfortunately, for adults, tooth loss is very common. There are three leading causes for tooth loss: age, decay, and oral trauma. In this article we will discuss each of these and what you can expect. 

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When Do Adults Loose Their Teeth?

Adult teeth are often called “permanent” teeth. That is a bit of a misnomer. As dentists we focus on ways to promote good oral health and to prevent problems, but somethings can be inevitable. While there are many ways to decrease the likelihood of losing a tooth or keep a tooth healthy longer term, it might not be possible to make it that you never lose an adult tooth. It is important to understand that at least quarter of adults over the age of 74 lose all their teeth. While factors like tooth decay and dental trauma can cause a lot of that, there are some factors that cannot be controlled liked genetics. Genetics can impact how our teeth and bone structure interact with one another, so if tooth loss runs in the family your best solution is to mitigate risks but understand that tooth replacement might be necessary when you are older. 

How Does Dental Trauma Lead To Tooth Loss?

The most obvious injury that leads to tooth loss is of course a knocked out tooth. Obviously if you are playing a sport or experience an injury that leads to a tooth getting damaged, we would expect tooth loss to happen. One thing some adults don’t think about is how there are injuries that build over time. For example, pressure placed on teeth from grinding your teeth at night, chewing on hard objects like ice cubes, or similar situations can erode the structure of your tooth over time. So while some injuries are immediate, other injuries might weaken the connections for your teeth over time. It is important to try and prevent these injuries by not chewing on hard objects and using a grind guard if tooth grinding is an issue for you. 

Does Brushing And Flossing Really Help Save Your Teeth?

Yes, nothing is going to have a bigger impact on the health of your teeth than how you treat them. One thing people don’t think about is that gum health is just as important as tooth health when it comes to protecting your teeth. Many patients think that just because they don’t have dental cavities or need a root canal, their teeth are safe. But gum disease can cause issues with your jawbone that cause your teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. It is important to make sure that you floss, brush your teeth, and see a dentist twice per year. 

Dental Services in Revere Massachusetts

IF you live in the Revere area and are interested in setting up dental cleanings and exams, please contact us. Dental exams are the best way to protect your teeth long term. Our team can help you keep your teeth safe by providing advice on how to floss and brush at home, as well as preventative care that can help keep your teeth healthy long term. 

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