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At All Pro Dental it is our belief that everyone should be able to get great dental services for themselves and their families. Cleanings, exams, and restorative services can keep your teeth and gums healthy for decades. We understand that paying for dental services can often be an issue. That is why we offer many payment options and take a variety of the most common dental insurance plans. This includes United Healthcare dental plans. If you have United Healthcare, or you have questions about the insurance coverage you have, or financing options, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Give us a call today or schedule an appointment with our team. Whether you need to see a dentist for a quick exam or you are worried about a toothache, we would be more than happy to help you get the services you need here in Revere.

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What Does United Healthcare Dental Coverages Include?

United Healthcare provides many different individualized plans. The best way to understand your coverage is to look up your plan or to contact us so that we can look into your coverage. Generally speaking United Healthcare Dental insurance provides different coverage based on which category the dental procedure falls under. For example, a procedure could be considered major like a root canal or basic like a simple filling. Generally preventative care is fully covered and includes your two routine dental appointments each year. United Healthcare has many family plans that allow you to get coverage for yourself, your spouse, and your children. For more information visit their website to see their available plans, or give us a call to discuss your coverage. 

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

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Like any type of insurance it is important to understand terms like co-pay or deductibles. A deductible is an amount of money you will need to pay out of pocket before your insurance covers a procedure. Often, major procedures like root canals or dentures will be subject to a deductible. Co-pay refers to a percentage or an amount you will need to pay alongside your insurance. For example, you might have a procedure where insurance covers 50% and then you would cover the other half. Alternatively you might have a limit on how much money your insurance provides. There a could be a situation where your insurance provides up to $500 for a specific procedure, and you would cover the remainder. 

Are All Dental Procedures Covered By United Healthcare?

Not all procedures are covered by United Healthcare. While United Healthcare provides coverage for preventative care, basic services, and major services, it might not cover specific procedures, orthodontic procedures including retainers, or cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. Most insurance plans only cover medically necessary procedures and might only provide coverage for some options. As an example, some insurance plans will cover a dental bridge but not a dental implant, as both procedures can be used effectively to treat a missing tooth. Implants tend to be a much more expensive treatment option and also involve surgery, whereas a dental bridge does not. In instances where your insurance doesn’t cover a procedure or doesn’t provide the coverage you need, we offer payment plans and financing options that might be able to help. 

Dental Services Provided By All Pro Dental

We provide many different dental procedures from preventative routine services like cleanings, x-rays, and exams to the as-needed services like root canals, gum disease treatments, and fillings. If you need to see a dentist or you need to make an appointment for a member of your family, please give us a call.

We work with patients of all ages and pride ourselves on creating an environment where kids can feel comfortable in their dental procedures and confident in their smiles. We believe that for kids part of the dental experience should be educational and fun so that they can develop healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime. 

If you have questions about coverage, our procedures, or are interested in setting up appointments for your family, please give us a call or use our appointment scheduling form to set up a meeting with our team.

Why Choose All Pro Dental

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The team at All Pro Dental is dedicated to your smile and to helping families get the best dental services. We believe that it is highly important to provide a dental space that is non-judgmental, educational, and most importantly, that provides good dental services.

Here at All Pro Dental, we strive to be a dental office where patients of all ages will not just receive great dental services, but also learn more about their teeth and gums, and feel like they can leave smiling confidently.

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