How To Schedule Your First Dental Visit After A While

Has it been a while since you have been to a dentist? You are not alone! There are many different reasons, but plenty of people have skipped a dental appointment and suddenly it has been months or even years since the last time they were supposed to the see the dentist. Whether it is because you have moved as an adult, switched insurance, or had to cancel appointments during the pandemic, there is never a wrong time to return to the dentist. However, you might need to find a new dentist office. In this article, we will discuss how to make a return visit, what to expect at your first visit after years or months of not visiting the dentist, and some things you might want to mention to your dentist. 

How To Choose A New Dentist As An Adult

If you need a new dentist as an adult there are a few things you will want to consider. First and foremost, you will want a dentist that takes your insurance. If your insurance is through your place of employment, you might want to ask your coworkers if they have a recommendation. Otherwise you can check with a few local dental offices to see if they are in-network or take your insurance.

Beyond that, consider checking reviews. You want to make sure the dentist you pick provides the services you need as well as provides a positive and welcoming environment. Let’s be honest, if one of the reasons you haven’t gone to the dentist is because you have had some negative experiences in the past, you should make sure the new dental office is a better one. Consider reading the reviews on the internet, and specifically looking for positive stories in the reviews. If you notice a trend where people mention having positive experiences, that is a good start. 

What To Expect At Your First Dental Appointment in Years

There are a lot of great treatments you can receive during a dental visit. If it has been a while, certain things that aren’t done every single time might be recommended like dental X-rays. Often X-rays are done once a year instead of once at every checkup. You will likely receive X-rays and during your checkup the dentist might recommend fluoride treatments or dental sealants to provide improved protection. One thing many people are worried about is that they might find out they have a cavity or root canal. While a dentist cannot magically make it that you won’t have any issues, it is better to catch them today than in the future. Cavities continue to grow overtime and can eventually lead to tooth loss. 

What To Tell Your Dentist At Your First Visit

Some things that might be helpful during your first dental visit is setting up an open line of communication. For example, if part of the reason you have been avoiding the dentist is some anxiety or negative experiences you have had in the past, being open about that might help your new dentist understand and address any of those concerns. Dentists’ number one goal is your health and following that, providing a positive dental experience. While they can’t pretend a problem isn’t there, they can help you feel more comfortable during the visit. 

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