Is Skipping The Dentist Really That Bad?

Young adults are one of the most common groups of people that skip the dentist. Whether it is because they have recently moved and haven’t found a new dentist, have had bad experiences in the past, or have concerns with insurance and payment options, we want to help everyone understand why it is so important to see the dentist twice a year. A common myth or misconception among young adults is that dental appointments are more important for kids or for when you have a known issue like a toothache. Many young adults wait until they start noticing symptoms before they schedule their first dental appointment out of college. The problem is, our teeth do a really poor job at notifying us to issues early. A toothache today, was likely a cavity months ago, and potentially something completely reversible years ago. In this article, we will discuss the importance of regular dental vistis.

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Are Dental Visits Really That Important For Young Adults?

A common mistake young adults make is thinking that dental visits and other medical checkups aren’t that important for them. This is because there is often an obvious reason for older patients and younger patients to make medical appointments. For kids, visits to the doctors and the dentists are usually about tracking development and helping various transitions like the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth. And for older patients, going to the doctor or dentist are often centered around addressing issues that are arising like tooth loss. Because of this, many people in their 20s or 30s get the idea that medical visits aren’t that important when they are no longer in these transitionary periods of their lives, and they don’t have any obvious signs of issue. But that is not the case when it comes to your oral health. The fact is, your teeth are not the best when it comes to letting you know there is an issue. The nerves of our teeth are deep inside, and the outer layers of our teeth don’t have much feeling. A lot of decay can happen without you noticing it. On top of that, plaque can’t always be removed with flossing and brushing. So even if you have perfect oral habits, nothing is going to beat the protection you get from a professional cleaning, or the peace of mind you get from a professional exam. 

How Do I Find An Adult Dentist If I Am Afraid of Dentists?

There is a large portion of young adults who put off finding a new dentist because they had some bad experiences as a kid. Whether it was fillings, tooth extractions, or other dental procedures, or you had a particularly rude, condescending, or otherwise mean dentist, it can be hard to look forward to going to the dentist. And without a third party like a parent making the appointment for you and forcing you to go, it is really easy to just avoid it entirely. But you really shouldn’t. Dental decay is progressive over time. What is ignored today, can be serious problems in a few years. We recommend being open and honest with a dentist. Trust us, dentists know that there is a portion of the population that doesn’t like dentists. If you are open about that, they can help you feel more comfortable during your dental visit. And if they don’t seem to take your comfort seriously, they are the wrong dentist for you. 

How Do You Pay For Dental Treatments?

While many people get dental insurance through their employers, millions of Americans do not have dental insurance or have insurance plans that don’t provide full coverage. If you are concerned about how you will pay for a dental visit, talk to a dentist. Dentists’ primary goal is your health. They often have payment plan options or can help you find a third-party like a dental financing team that can help create a payment plan for larger dental procedures like dental bridges and crowns.

Schedule A Dental Check-Up In Revere

If you need to see a dentist as a young adult, and you live in the Greater Boston / Revere Massachusetts area, we would be happy to help you get a dental exam set up. Please give us a call for more information about dental exams.

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