Is It Normal For Your Teeth To Hurt After The Dentist?

One of the main reasons you might go to the dentist is to address oral pain like a toothache. So it can feel a bit counter-intuitive to learn that sometimes your teeth and gums might be sore or tender after a dental visit. Depending on what you have done at the dentist, soreness might be more severe or last longer. It is common for patients to worry that pain after a dental visit means something is wrong, or is because of something the dentist did. In this article, we will discuss what is normal in terms of oral discomfort after a dental visit. If you need to see a dentist to address an oral concern or for a regular dental visit in the Boston area, contact All Pro Dental. 

What Is "Normal" In Regards To Oral Discomfort After The Dentist

Even after a simple cleaning you might feel a little sore. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong or that the dental team did anything wrong. Soreness is common especially if it has been a few years since your last cleaning. The first dental cleaning after a long period of time often requires your dental team to apply more pressure in order to remove plaque and bacteria that have become attached to the surfaces of the teeth. 

The important thing to understand with soreness or pain after a dental visit is that it shouldn’t be severe, it should go away on its own, and that it might not always be avoidable. In order to protect and clean your teeth, dentists might need to use extra pressure when cleaning your teeth. The best way to avoid this discomfort is to avoid skipping dental visits and to make sure you are brushing and flossing at home. 

Other procedures like root canal, fillings, crowns, or restorative treatments are also known to cause a small amount of soreness after the anesthesia wears off. But there are some things to look out for. If the pain is severe, doesn’t go away, or is accompanied by other symptoms, you might want to see a dentist to make sure everything is ok. 

Should You Go To A Diferrent Dentist If You Feel Pain After Your Dental Treatment

As we mentioned above, sometimes it is not possible to avoid dental soreness after a cleaning or other procedure. But, it is important to understand that pain, soreness or sensitivity should be minor and should fade over time. If the pain is severe you might want to go to a dentist and make sure everything is ok. One common issue that can happen after getting a filling or a crown is issues with your bite alignment. Many treatments like root canals, fillings, and crowns require some of your tooth to be removed and replaced by a composite material. If the shaping isn’t correct it can lead to issues with bite alignment that can lead to pain including jaw pain. Dentists try to make sure that there won’t be issues with bite alignment while you get your filling or other treatment, but if there ends up being a problem you might need to head back to have the filling, crown, or other implement reshaped. Luckily, this procedure is relatively straight forward. 

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