Is It Normal For My Kids To Grind Their Teeth

Teeth grinding is a very common issue especially for kids and teens. Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding happens when we clench our jaws. It can happen subconsciously as we go about our days, as well as in the middle of the night while we sleep. Teeth grinding can lead to some short term symptoms as well as some longterm issues. In this article, we will discuss causes, symptoms, results, and when to talk to a dentist. For family dental services in Revere, MA please contact our team. 

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What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding has both physical and emotional causes. One of the most commonly associated issues that lead to teeth grinding is stress and anxiety. Any strong negative emotion can lead to us instinctively clenching our jaws. However, anxiety and stress aren’t the only reasons. Some medications can lead to teeth grinding. People can also up grinding their teeth due to drinking a lot of caffeine. 

How Do I Know If My Kids Are Grinding Their Teeth?

There are a few ways to know if your child might be grinding their teeth. Most obviously, you might see them do it either while they are awake or asleep. Many people grind teeth specifically at night. If you notice your child is clenching their jaw or you even hear teeth grinding sounds, that is a pretty sure sign they are grinding their teeth. Other common signs are a result of teeth grinding. A sore jaw especially in the morning is often a sign of bruxism. Headaches and pain when chewing are also related to bruxism. 

What Happens If My Kids Grind Their Teeth?

In the short term your child will likely just notice the small temporary symptoms that are related to teeth grinding. This includes soreness around the jaw, pain while chewing, and headaches. But over time that much pressure and lead to some big problems. For example, TMJ syndrome is a common issue with the jaw. This can lead to clicking noises coming from the jaw and restrict the jaw’s range of motion. Another issue can be tooth fractures caused by the pressure. A common solution especially for grinding your teeth at night is to wear a grind guard. This is a special mouth guard that prevents tooth grinding. 

When Should I Talk To A Dentist About Teeth Grinding

If you notice that your child is grinding their teeth, or specifically having symptoms related to tooth grinding in the morning, you might want to ask a dentist for their recommendation. A dentist will likely recommend a special grind guard to help prevent tooth grinding at night. They might also recommend a decrease in caffeine in your diet as well as other methods to help improve your oral health. 

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