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The All Pro Dental Team serves families throughout Revere and Greater Boston. We provide general dental and restorative dental services for kids, teens, and adults.

There are a variety of dental insurances we accept here at All Pro Dental in Revere. For a full list of our dental insurance plans that we accept and other payment options, please visit our payment options page. Otherwise please contact our office and our team can answer questions about what is covered here at our office.

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Learn More About Your Dental Coverage

We always recommend that patients seek information from their dental insurance provider as they will have the most up to date information on your dental plan. If you have a dental plan with Humana we recommend checking with them to learn more about your coverage. Humana provides very individualized plans for patients and their families so it is always recommended that you check with them if you have any coverage questions.

What Does Humana Insurance Cover?

Humana has a variety of dental plan options for families including Bright Plus Dental, Loyalty Plus Dental, Dental Value, Preventative Plus Dental, Complete Dental, Dental Savings, & Preventative Value. Each of these plans provides individualized coverage. Based on which plan you have signed up for you may have different deductibles for you and your family, additionally, you may have to pay a larger amount of 

Learn More About Preventative Dental Care

Many of Humana’s plans provide 100% coverage for preventative dental care procedures like routine dental cleanings and dental exams. Most Humana plans that provide coverage for preventative dental care provide 100% coverage for routine dental procedures which also includes x-rays, dental sealants, etc. Basically, the procedures your dentist recommends that you get twice a year or yearly are generally covered in full by your insurance, while additional procedures are not always covered fully. 

Learn More About Restorative Dental Care

There are a variety of dental procedures used to protect your teeth and remove decay or other issues. This includes root canal procedures, dental fillings for cavities, dental crowns, and dental bridges. Many dental insurance plans provide partial coverage for these services and the coverage will vary based on which insurance plan you are working with. In the case of Humana some of their plans provide coverage for a certain number of fillings per year for example. 

Other Dental Procedures

There are other dental procedures that are not always medically necessary but might be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of a smile. Braces for example may be applied to straighten teeth regardless of a medical necessity. Coverage for these types of procedures is often lower than coverage for medically necessary or routine dental procedures. 

Dental Services Provided By All Pro Dental

As a dentist that accepts Humana dental insurance, we are happy to help you and your children with routine dental procedures, restorative dental procedures, and more.

If you have any questions about any of our dental services, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss setting up an appointment for dental cleanings or other procedures. 

It is recommended that adults and children see a dentist twice a year for routine check-ups. Not only do these check-ups help protect your teeth, they can also help prevent damage to your teeth and gums by finding early signs of dental decay before they spread. 

We also provide many other dental services to help with restorative and cosmetic dental issues.

Why Choose All Pro Dental

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Everyone who has teeth should be seeing the dentist at least twice a year. Whether you are child, a teen, or an adult we could all use help protecting our teeth and preventing medical issues caused by poor oral health. We understand that cost and insurance can often be a factor when choosing when to go to the dentist. If you are worried about the affordability of necessary dental services, please contact us or visit our page on  different payment methods. If you or a member of your family would like an appointment with our dental office in Revere, contact us today to schedule an appointment!  

At All Pro Dental we understand that for many children (and some adults) the dentist can bring on certain anxieties. That is why we work hard to provide a dental space that is both comforting and educational. We want you and your families to feel confident in your dental procedures and to learn more about dental health when you visit us.

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