1. True/False – A dental carie (cavity) is an infectious disease.

2. True/False – A sealant is a dental treatment designed to prevent decay in 1st and 2nd adult molars.

3. According to the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the Academy of General Dentistry when should your child have their first dental visit?

  1. A. At 1 year.
  2. B. Before their teeth erupt.
  3. C. After their 2nd birthday.
  4. D. Once they have adult teeth.

4. True/False – Thumb sucking or prolonged use of the pacifier past the first birthday isn’t likely to harm the teeth.

5. The best drink for a child in bed at night is:

  1. A. Milk
  2. B. Fruit juice
  3. C. Water
  4. D. Nothing at all
  5. E. C or D

6. How many baby teeth are there in the mouth?

  1. A. 10
  2. B. 15
  3. C. 20
  4. D. 30

7. How many permanent teeth are there in the mouth?

  1. A. 22
  2. B. 28
  3. C. 32
  4. D. 35

8. What is Gingivitis?

  1. A. A form of bacteria.
  2. B. Classification of a type of cavity.
  3. C. The inflammation of the gums.
  4. D. Another name for tongue-tied.

9. What are 3rd molars?

  1. A. The dental term for wisdom teeth.
  2. B. Adult molars that normally erupt at age 6.
  3. C. Supernumerary teeth.



  1. 1. True
  2. 2. True
  3. 3. A
  4. 4. False
  5. 5. E
  6. 6. C
  7. 7. C
  8. 8. C
  9. 9. A

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