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If you’re missing one or more teeth, besides the problems it can cause with your appearance, you can also have real trouble chewing, eating and sometimes even speaking clearly. And that’s where a dental bridge can be a great help, both cosmetically and from a comfort and health standpoint. If you need a bridge or you have a bridge but it needs to be repaired or replaced, please give us a call or use our appointment scheduler app to get started.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

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A dental bridge is one of the best solutions for a missing adult tooth. While our teeth are strong, they are not invincible. Over time they can fall out due to injury, decay, or just age. A bridge replaces a missing tooth by using the adjacent teeth. Frequently, this works by creating dental crowns that are placed on the two teeth on either side of the false tooth. This makes sure that your false tooth stays in place. Dental bridges are durable and last for years, however, if you have had a bridge for a while, it may get damaged, if you notice something feeling off around a dental bridge, you should contact us for an appointment.

Digital Tooth Scanning with Intraoral Scanners

We provide digital scanning technology at our office in Revere. This allows patients to get new dental instruments like bridges without needing to make a mold of your teeth. Many dental practices use a mold method where patients have to bite into a material until a hardened mold can be created and used to determine the new dental implements. But at All Pro Dental, we use a digital scanner, so there is no need for biting into something that might feel or taste unpleasant. If you have any questions about intraoral scanning or getting a dental bridge or dental crown, please give us a call. 

Does My Insurance Cover Dental Bridges?

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Obviously, this will depend on your specific dental insurance. That being said, on average, many insurance programs provide partial coverage for some restorative dental procedures. For example, while a routine cleaning and exam is fully covered, a dental bridge might be partially covered or covered with a deductible. We recommend checking your specific policy. If you are worried about paying for a necessary dental procedure, please contact us or check our page on financing and insurance.

Full Family Dental Services For Revere & Boston

Here at All Pro Dental in Revere Massachusetts we work with patients of all ages to provide great dental services. From simple cleanings and exams that can prevent dental issues, find early warning signs, and help protect your teeth your gums to solving specific issues. We prefer to work with entire families to help them improve their oral health long-term. For example, if you have issues with your teeth we can help with a variety or procedures that can address the issue and prevent it from getting worse. Cavity fillings and root canals can remove decayed sections of teeth and prevent infection as well as that decay from spreading to other areas of the mouth. 

Additionally, we can help with restorative dental services like dental crowns and dental bridges. A crown might be suggested for someone who has issues with the chewing surface of their teeth or needs a crown after a root canal or as an anchor for a bridge. A bridge can replace a tooth or a group of teeth. Not only can we help create bridges and crowns, but we address any issues with them and track the health of your teeth around the bridges and crowns. A concern for a dental bridge or crown is that decay will happen at the site of the attachment. We can help protect your teeth and track any dental issues. 

Why Choose All Pro Dental In Revere Massachusetts

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You should visit the dentist twice a year for a teeth cleaning and examination to ensure your mouth is in good health. At All Pro Dental, our goal is to make sure you are comfortable throughout your routine appointment. We also believe that dental cleanings should be affordable for all, which is why we accept a variety of different payment methods. Ready to improve your oral health and work towards a happier, healthier smile? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


At All Pro Dental we understand that for many children (and some adults) the dentist can bring on certain anxieties. That is why we work hard to provide a dental space that comforting and educational. We want you and your families to feel confident in your dental procedures and to learn more about dental health when you visit us.

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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

A dental bridge is a false tooth or teeth that is attached to existing teeth to hold it in place. There are many different types of bridges and they can be made using different materials. The most common type of dental bridge is where one or more false teeth are placed between two existing teeth. These abutment teeth are given dental crowns that hold the false teeth in place?

Dental bridges are durable but like your teeth they are not indestructible. If you notice something is wrong with your dental bridge including cracks, breaks, or other issues, you should call a dentist right away, to have your bridge replaced or repaired. 

If your bridge falls out or breaks you should call an emergency dentist right away. If you wait too long to see a dentist, your abutment teeth could get damaged, and your teeth could also start shifting in your mouth to fill the gap left behind by the bridge. You should always seek immediate dental treatment if there are issues with bridges, crowns, or other dental implements.

Dental bridges can be an expensive procedure. If your insurance doesn’t cover it or doesn’t cover it fully, you might need assistance with paying for the procedure. Here at All Pro Dental we believe everyone should have options and accessibility to necessary dental treatments. That is why we are partnered with CareCredit financing. Through CareCredit you can get financing options for various dental procedures so that you don’t have to pay all at once. 

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