Before & After Gallery

Deep Cleaning Treatments

On the left side of this photo, you can see a patient’s teeth four days after receiving a deep cleaning from the team at All Pro Dental. On the right side of the photo, you can see how the teeth and gums appear before completing a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning restores health to the gums and can help prevent gum disease from causing permanent oral damage. Learn more about gum disease and contact our team for more information. 

Dental Crown Replacement

This patient had six crowns with a metal base that connected them all together which had made it difficult to floss. The patient was also unhappy with the overall aesthetic look of their dental crowns. We replaced all six connected crowns with six individual porcelain crowns improving both the functionality and aesthetic look of their teeth.

Smile Makeover Services

In the first photo you will notice how the patient had both stained teeth and uneven gum level. This patient received gum contouring and six porcelain crowns to improve their smile. Not only are the porcelain teeth whiter, but they are also symmetrical leading to a much healthier smile! 

Dental Implant With A Gold Crown

This patient requested a gold crown for their dental implant to replace a lost tooth. Dental implants are a great way to replace a lost adult tooth long-term. The crown attached can be made of porcelain or other materials designed to visually match the surrounding teeth or can be done with a different material like gold. 

Partial Denture Replacement

This patient had both a chipped tooth and a partial removable denture. They wanted to handle both problems so we created a dental bridge to replace both teeth and provide a more symmetrical-looking appearance.