A common concern for parents are their children’s oral health. Oral health issues are one of the most common health-related problems kids face. It is very common for kids to get cavities even before their baby teeth fall out. That being said, one common misconception is that a cavity in a baby tooth isn’t worth fixing since the tooth is not permanent. In fact, cavities are a sign of dental decay, and specifically, decay that is spreading. Even if it is in a primary tooth (baby tooth), you don’t want to risk that decay spreading. 

Do Baby Teeth Cavities Need To Be Filled?

So a common misconception that a lot of parents and maybe some children have, is that there is no value in filling a cavity on a baby tooth. While it is true that we have our permanent teeth for decades, and many of our baby teeth are only in out mouths for a few years, they are still very important. Not only can tooth decay lead to a lot of pain and toothaches, but it also spreads. A cavity is formed when decay eats away at a tooth. That decay can continue to move from tooth to tooth and also infect the gums. That is why it is important to get fillings if your dentist recommends them. Of course, if a tooth is about to fall out, your dentist might not suggest a filling, but if that tooth is going to be there for months or years, you want to fix that. 

How Can My Kids Prevent Cavities?

What To Avoid: The first thing to do to prevent cavities is understand what causes them. Cavities form when the outermost layers of our teeth are destroyed by bacteria. This bacteria forms when food and drinks stick to our teeth. The most common cause of cavities are foods that are acidic, sugary, or starchy. Limiting candy, soda, sugary beverages, and similar foods and drinks can help protect your child’s teeth.

Good Dental Habits: But the most important thing you can do for your child is help them develop daily dental habits. Brushing twice a day for two+ minutes and flossing once a day can remove the bacteria that causes gum disease and cavities. Helping your child set a daily schedule and following that schedule is extremely helpful. 

Regular Dental Visits: Finally, going to the dentist every six months provides many benefits for your kids. First and foremost, six month dental visits ensure that your child’s teeth are examined professionally frequently. This means that if there is any sign of tooth decay, it can be caught early. Additionally, dentists provide a variety of procedures like dental sealants nad fluoride treatments that provide extra layers of protection for teeth. 

How Are Cavities Treated?

If a cavity is caught early it may be reversible by improving oral healthcare. However, if a cavity has already become sufficiently damaged, one of the most common treatments is a dental filling. A dental filling is done by removing the decayed section of the tooth and then using a synthetic filling to repair the tooth. If the decay is too far spread, a root canal or dental crown is sometimes necessary. 

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