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Make Dental Appointments For Your Children & Teenagers:

Here at All Pro Family Dentistry, we think it is so important to provide three things to every child and teen that walks through our door: 

  1. Amazing dental services that protect their teeth and gums.
  2. A comforting and fun environment that makes it easy for them to relax. 
  3. An educational experience that helps them develop and practice healthy dental habits.

We don’t just want to help improve your child’s oral health. Our goal is to ensure, that your child has the tools and knowledge to take care of their teeth and gums between their two visits each year. If you are interested in setting up an appointment, give us a call. 

Financing, Insurance, & Payment Options:

We Take MassHealth At Our Office

At our dental office in Revere, we want to make sure every patient has the opportunity to take care of their teeth. One common reason many adults skip the dentist is because they are worried that they can’t or shouldn’t go because they don’t have insurance. If you are worried about coverage, please give us a call. Aside from taking many of the top insurance programs at our office in Revere including MassHealth we also provide other payment options like financing through CareCredit. Avoiding the dentist is a surefire way for dental problems to progress, and in many cases become irreversible. Don’t wait to see a dentist, if you need help, please give us a call. 

Dr. Terry

Dr. Terry Huang

Meet Our Team Of Family Dentists

Dr. Terry here at All Pro Dental is committed to working with you and your family to help promote better oral health. One thing that is very important to Dr. Terry is helping address children’s fears or concerns with the dentist. It is fairly common for kids, teens, and even adults to feel nervous about going to the dentist. Dr. Terry works hard with the team here at All Pro Dental not only to create a comfortable environment, but also help kids and teens get over these fears long-term. 

If you are looking for a kind family dentist that can work with your kids and help them take care of their teeth and gums, give us a call. Our team would be happy to discuss your child’s dental needs from a routine cleaning and check-up to handling larger issues like fillings or gum disease. For more information on our team and our office here in Revere, MA please click below.

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Dental Exam & Cleaning

Each dental exam will asses your oral health and provide you with a thorough cleaning for an even better smile!

Dental Fillings

We’re able to diagnose and treat cavities quickly and with a range of options.

Children's Dentistry

Our professionals are trained to take the utmost care of our most precious patients.

Gum Disease Treatment

When gum disease occurs, we work tirelessly alongside our patients to fight it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Services

Yes, dental insurance is not needed to see a dentist. And many dentist offices like All Pro Dental also have other payment options for patients who either don’t have dental insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover a specific procedure you need. For example, we work with CareCredit to provide financing options for patients.

Yes, we take MassHealth dental insurance at our dental office in All Pro Dental. We also take many different PPO insurance plans as well. For more information on payment options please click here.

Kids should see the dentist twice per year or once every six months. A child should see the dentist for the very first time after their first baby teeth have erupted through the gum line or right before their first birthday (whichever happens first). 

Dental fears are common for a variety of reasons. Some kids fear the dentist because of their own negative experiences and others because of the unknown.  There are a few things you can do to help your kids overcome their fears. First and foremost, you want to make sure to take them to a dental office that makes them comfortable. If you think part of the problem is the unknown element of visiting a dentist or doctor, consider going over what to expect with your kids. 

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